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So you want to run a 5K race? Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced runner or walker, Runner's World endorses several plans to help you prepare for your next big race! Let the Hoofin' for Habitat 5K Fun Run / Walk, October 15, 2005 be the next event you train for!!

Check out the synopsis of Runner's World's 5K Running Tips by Megan Hopkins, with the Eleventh Hour (GOLD sponsor for Hoofin' for Habitat), published, 9/21/05. Reprinted with permission.

8 Weeks to Your First 5-K
Take your walking to a new level with our step-by-step training plan
         by: Maggie Spilner

Training for Your First 5-K
Use this easy training guide to run your first 5-K
         by: Amby Burfoot

The Ultimate 5-K Plan
Whether you're looking to run your first 5-K or your fastest, we've got the six-week program to get you there
         by: Doug Rennie

The Perfect 5-K Training Plan
Whether it's a race for the cure or your local Mother's Day 5-K you're aiming for, our 10-step program will get you there
         by: Marc Bloom

More Miscellaneous Training Plans for various distances

And U.S. Olympian and Runner's World Columnist, Jeff Galloway's "Run Injury Free" Plan

Have you signed up for the Hoofin' for Habitat 5K on October 15, 2005 yet? Don't delay...Click here to download an application. Just signing up for a race keeps you motivated to keep running or walking!

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