Pacers Help Support the Statesboro Cares Walk, 11/5/05

Bill Reynolds and Debbie Gleason teamed up to represent the Statesboro Pacers in the Statesboro Cares Walk which was one of many wonderful events that took place the week of November 5-10, 2005 as part of HIV/AIDS Awareness Week. The Amethyst Project launched Statesboro Cares in an effort to create awareness of and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Our Pacer Team and Pacer sponsors: Marti Shriver, Danny Gleason, Alan & Wendy Woodrum, and Chris & Shaham Navaee collectively donated $90 to the Walk. We were thrilled to see many more of our Pacers and friends participating in this event, just representing other teams. While I've been unable to confirm these numbers, we heard over 50 walkers participated in this event and collectively raised over $2,200!

An Amethyst Project representative recently reported that HIV/AIDS has made a resurgence especially among college-age students and black women, so educational outreach is crucial in combating this disease.

If you'd like more information on HIV/AIDS and/or would like to learn how to become involved with the Amethyst Project, please contact Tamara Watson Harper at or Laura Milner at or the Amethyst Project Inc. at 912-764-6923.

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November 30, 2005