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Some of the SPTT stretching before practice, June 13, 2005 at Mill Creek Regional Park

Check back in late Spring for the Summer 2009 SPTT Program schedule!

What is SPTT all about?

Statesboro Pacer, Helen Graf, wants teens around our area to "make staying fit fun with the Statesboro Pacers!" She's already identified over 100 kids, between the ages of 13 and 18, who are all interested in participating in Group Runs/Walks geared to their age group...although she explains, younger and older folks are also welcome! ALL ability groups are also welcome!! She firmly believes if we start kids at this early age running and walking, fitness then becomes a lifestyle commitment!

Helen invites ALL teens to come on out this summer to the Teen Teams group runs/walks listed below. These are FREE and informal gatherings just to help everyone get in shape or remain in shape. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for area track & field and cross country kids to stay in shape, but it's also a great opportunity for kids preparing for football, soccer, baseball, and basketball seasons. But you need not be an athlete to qualify! This is for EVERYONE!! Walkers, joggers, runners...anyone who wants to get in shape via a fun and non-competitive social setting. For more information, contact Pacer coordinator Helen Graf, 912-587-5377 (home) or Also, keep checking back to this site ("S'boro Pacers Teen Team" link) for updates as the Teen Team program develops!

Summer Teen Group Runs/Walks, June 5th, 2007 through the summer: [Check back here in late spring for the Summer 2009 Teen Group Run schedule!]

Tuesday evenings, 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. - meet at Georgia Southern University's Hanner Field House parking lot.

Thursday evenings, 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. - meet at Mill Creek Recreational Park by lower soccer fields.

Every other Saturday morning starting June 16th, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. - Run, Swim, & Barbeque at Welle's House: 3276 Middleground Road, Statesboro, GA; 912-587-5377.


Some SPTT members preparing to sprint barefoot in the dew-covered grass after practice, June 13, 2005 at Mill Creek Regional Park

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SPTT News:

8/20/05 Here are some of the SPTT runners who participated in the 5K Peanut Run in Brooklet, August 20th, 2005...

7/5/05 SPTT News Flash...
SPTT runners, James & Paul Welle,
walked away with their coconut trophies...see their "monkies" pictured the 2005 SunTrust Beach Bum Triathlon #1, held in Hilton Head, SC, 6/18/05. This event included a 500 meter Ocean Swim, 6 mile Beach Bike, & 3 mile Beach run. James (age 17) placed 4th in Males under 40 with a time of 50:59 & Paul (age 16) was not far behind placing 8th in Males under 40 with a time of 53:15. Way to go guys!! For further details and race results, visit race website.

James & Paul Welle in transition area of Beach Bum Triathlon #1 (Photo supplied by Helen Graf)

Paul & James Welle with their "monkies"...trophies carved out of coconuts. (Photo supplied by Helen Graf)

More 7/5/05 SPTT News Flash...
Three SPTT runners went to Savannah to run the Race Against Crime - but it was cancelled due to rain.

And More 7/5/05 SPTT News Flash...
Some of the [Testimonials] below make more sense when you click here to see the pictures. Last Wednesday (6/29/05) we gathered to run hills at the [GSU] Stadium. Since it was too wet to run stairs - we did figure 8s down by the score sign. Of course, this led to slipping and sliding and very muddy kids! After the run we headed to the RAC for a cool down on the indoor track. We met Major Kevin West - long distance runner guru and Coach extraordinare! Major West headed up the SHS Cross Country team and Distance Track Team for years. After many fine pointers - the kids headed to McDonalds - muddy and all!

Pass the word - we are having a great time!  We would love to have more kids come and join us! -- More News Later, Helen Graf, SPTT Coordinator"

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Here's what some of the runners at these gatherings are saying about this program:

When some of the kids were asked recently what SPTT meant to them, here were some of their responses...

SPTT is...

    "freakin awesome"  (Sung)
    "the Comp 1101 of moving" (Paul)
    "exhausting" (Olivia)
    "hunger-inducing" (Beth)
    "a mudlside of fun" (Rosa)
    "a great excuse to stuff your face at McDonalds" (Betsy)

    Check out the news and pictures to help translate some of these comments!

SPTT member, Paul Welle reports "A lot of people don't like running. But it's a great way to get in shape for fall and spring sports or just for the sake of getting fit. In addition, we have fun before and after practice. Some walk, some jog, some run, all are welcome. Come out and enjoy getting into shape."

Oldie Pacer, Debbie Gleason reports, "I (a bit past my teen years chronologically, but certainly not psychologically) ran with the SPTT this a.m. at their Monday meeting spot, Mill Creek Regional Park, and what a great time we had!! These energized teens and their equally energized mentor, Pacer Helen Graf, left me on an endorphin rush that lasted all day. First the group gathered in a circle, where Helen lead everyone in various stretching exercises. She had great ice breakers for newcomers, and warmly welcomed them into the fold. She offered great tips on injury prevention & care and encouraged the teens' input on these topics. After the warm up, everyone hit the trail surrounding the Park, running on the grass. Helen encourages everyone to go at their own pace, be it a walk, crawl, or sprint. Their goal is to gradually build a strong base, with the emphasis on "gradually" so as to prevent injuries. After the roughly 30 minute run, everyone met back at the starting point, took off their shoes, and then sprinted a short distance through the dew-covered grass barefooted. It felt great!! After the sprint, everyone gathered in a circle, again on the grass, and finished up the practice with various stretches, some ab work & push ups. When it was all over, they joined hands and proudly yelled out they were the "PACERS!"

Helen has designed lots of variety into this free program which also meets Wednesdays at GSU's RAC, where they run to the stadium to do hill work. And Fridays they meet at Hanner Field House to run from there. If you know any teens who might be interested in this great way to get into shape via this fun and non-competitive social setting, please encourage them to join the SPTT. It's FREE!! Thank you Helen and teens for starting such a neat program!"

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last updated August 18, 2007