Two Statesboro Pacers 'Tie the Knot!'

While the rest of Statesboro was hitting the stores on the busiest shopping day of the year (the day after Thanksgiving), two of our Statesboro Pacers, were 'walking down the aisle' or rather the beautiful Georgia Southern Botanical Garden's esplanade where they exchanged their nuptials in a small private ceremony, Friday, November 25, 2005. Yes, Wendy Deal and Alan Woodrum, tied the knot, and friends who attended the ceremony explained they have never seen these two soooo happy before!! And for many it was quite a surprise to see them in something besides their running/biking garb, and as you can see from the pictures below, they clean up very nicely!

On behalf of all the Statesboro Pacers, we wish you loads of happiness, and hope you don't retire from the Pacers now that you've found wedded bliss!! Of course, we doubt that will happen, as Wendy heads to Memphis, Tennessee to run the St. Jude Marathon Saturday, December 3rd (only one week after their wedding!). Alan, has already proven his dedication to Wendy, as we saw him every Saturday this fall, escorting her on his bike offering his support as she ran her weekly long runs, training for this marathon. Good luck to you Saturday, Wendy!!

If you wish to congratulate the happy couple, you can email them at:

Alan Woodrum <>
Wendy Deal Woodrum  <>

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November 29, 2005