Race Report by Millen Miler and More, Jim Hite reporting on Joyce Hodges-Hite's marathon

9/25/05, Berlin Marathon, Berlin, Germany
http://www.scc-events.com/events/berlin_marathon/2005/index_old.php (hope you can read German! ;)

Berlin/Paris was great!! The marathon was a bit of a bummer as Joyce dropped out, very smartly, around 21K; I saw her at the 19K water stop and she looked terrible. Couldn't talk her into pulling out there (near a medical crew and subway). But the trip itself was fantastic; had our own apartment in Berlin, up 8 flights of stairs. Got to run across where the Wall was, had a beer next to the Brandenburg Gate, ran along the Seine to and under the Eiffel Tower, from the Louvre to Arc de Triomphe (sp?) along the Champs Elysses with Joyce; hotel there was on the Left Bank, short block from the Seine and just a bridge from the Louvre. Absolutely fantastic - although Paris was expensive!! Friends we were staying with in Berlin took us to their friends' homes for evening meals, etc.; and my cousin and his wife were with us for three straight evenings of good restaurants and experiences.

Some background, Joyce went into this race with a major hip injury and had hoped she was recovered enough. The fact she made it 21K is witness to this special lady's continual strength and determination in spite of the obstacles. Kudos Joyce for a job well done! - Debbie Gleason