Race Report by Statesboro Pacer, Charles James, age 9


12/1/05, Jingle Bell Reindeer Run 5K, Statesboro, GA

On December 1st, 2005 I ran in the 4th Annual Jingle Bell 5K Run.  I got 1st place in my age division, and my dad [Doug James] got 3rd place in his age division.  Also, I got a personal record of 26:33 minutes.


Before we ran, I went on a fake train.  After that, I found my dad and we ate our power gel.  Then we stretched our legs and arms.  When we started we ran on a rail road track.  Some people were throwing water balloons, but they missed us and hit the rail road track. We kept on running until we came to a road that had a lot of trees, and my dad started to talk to someone then he said that he had to catch up to me. We went by the back way to Sally Z.  Then we kept on running to the 1st mile mark and then to the 2nd mile mark.  After the 2nd mile we came to another part of the same rail road track, but there were wood rails on the road this time so we had to run around the wood rails.  I would have been in 2nd place if I hadnít passed a little 6 year old boy.  When I saw the finish line I ran as fast as I could and I beat my dad. Last I stretched and got my medal and we went home.


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