Race Report by Statesboro Pacer, Debbie Gleason
10/105, YMCA Heart of Savannah 5K, Savannah, GA

On 10/1/05, a huge crowd (almost 550 runners & walkers) participated in the YMCA Heart of Savannah 5K, which is a beautiful course that meanders around all the squares downtown. I'm sure there were more Pacers there, but we only saw Danny Gleason, Shahnam Navaee, Don Borowski, Michele Taylor, and Chris Navaee. I worked the finish line with the rest of the Savannah Striders. No one had a camera for this race (I'm slipping!), so no pics, but the results are posted at the link mentioned above. We had a light sprinkle towards the end of the race, and then waited for Danny to pick up his award. He won 1st place in his age group, with a time of 20:10. He was thrilled to receive a "male" award, as last year they gave him 1st place "female"...but he's secure enough with his masculinity to where that was not a problem. Of course, he did scratch out the "fe"...

After the race, which takes less than 35 minutes to run for most folks, we waited about 2 hours for pizza at Vinnie Van Go Go's (sp?) in City Market. Obviously, this was not a unique idea, but it surely was worth the wait! Just watching Chris and Don try to negotiate with the hostess to get us in sooner was entertainment in and of itself...hmmm, wonder if we could of gotten in sooner without that help? ;) After the wait, we learned there's another REALLY good pizza place at the other end of City Market, with much less of a wait...we'll keep this in mind next year!

If you've never run this race before, be sure to add it to your list as it is truly one of the most scenic races around!! And it's always scheduled the first Saturday in October in conjunction with Octoberfest...so you can catch some of the music, vendors, and fun on River Street after the race!

We thank Laurie Langston, from the YMCA of Savannah for including our Hoofin' for Habitat race applications in every one of the 550 plus Heart of Savannah race packets!!