Race Report by Statesboro Pacer, Bill Reynolds


4/14/07, New Ebenezer Retreat Center's Beat the Mosquitoes 5K Forest Trail Run, Ebenezer, GA


There were about 60 runners who braved the trails.  The course was a double loop. It was all in the forest except for maybe 100 yards on asphalt. You learn very quickly to keep your wits about you as you watch for roots and various other obstacles. There were two sections I would refer to as difficult. The first was a very steep downhill section with very large roots and big holes. You really had to negotiate carefully, running full blast downhill. After coming off that steep decline, the course leveled out (still roots and holes) then a very, very steep uphill where the path turned to gravel. Usually the pay off if you run uphill is a downhill, but after running up this steep incline, the course continued as a twisting and turning incline. Then you got to run it again. This may sound like I didn't enjoy it, but it was GREAT. I will look for more trail races. They add another dimension to running, which I really like.


Another thing I liked about this race was that it was low key. No water stops. Oh, there was a big water bottle at spots that you could share. I decided not to partake of that. Awards were given to the 1st and 2nd place overall winners and the 1st winner in each age group category. I am pleased to say I took 1st place in the 51-60 age group. There were no medals, but each 1st place finisher in an age group received an Ebenezer Tote Bag and an Ebenezer Coffee Mug.


There was no big clock, but I think the winner, a cross country runner from a local high school ran the course in about 19:.. The running times seemed to reflect the challenge of the course. My time was around 28:.., maybe even 29:.. which is a slow 5K time for me, but I think it was a good time for this fairly difficult course.


At any rate -- Yahoo for trail running I'm hooked.




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