Race Report by Statesboro Pacer, Bill Reynolds


2/17/07, Gasparilla Distance Classic 15, Tampa, FL


Thought I would write a race report for the 2007 Gasparilla Distance Classic. I ran the 15K. The race had the coldest start in their 30 year history. 38 degrees F. and windy.  But I forgot about the cold at about the 2nd mile. We ran along Bay Shore Blvd. On the one side was the bay, and on the other side, million dollar homes. So the sights were great.  The course was absolutely flat. I was making record time (for me) until mile 6 when I must have pulled a muscle or something in my shoulder. It slowed me down considerably. I was trying to tie my PR for a 15K. Needless to say, I felt very short of that goal. But finished and received a great medal.


The t-shirt was so-so and there was a pretty good race expo. But, the highlight of the race for me came even before the race started as I got to do a jog/warm up with Bill Rogers. He ran in the very first 15K 30 years ago and won. That was way cool. Unfortunately no one was around with a camera. I would recommend the 15K and there is a half-marathon and full marathon. It is very flat. Just one caution, Tampa is expensive.


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