Race Report by Statesboro Pacers, Jessica Keeley & Kathy Wiegand


3/3/07, Thrills in the Hills Half-Marathon Trail Race, Winder, GA


Kathy and I successfully completed the Thrill in the Hills Half-Marathon in Fort Yargo State Park, Winder, GA, on Saturday, March 3, 2007. It was GREAT!! I urge all Pacers to mark their calendars for next year. The race is run completely within the boundaries of Fort Yargo State Park, primarily on mountain bike trails. This should give you some clue as to the nature of the terrain. As far as I know, mountain bikers are a pretty masochistic bunch, and what I saw on Saturday did nothing to alter that image!  The terrain was best described as "undulating"--there were a few frightening hills, mostly on powercuts and pipelines, but the trails in the woods were single-track, dirt, with lots of roots, rocks, gullies, and ditches. Mental concentration was required at all times! I was as tired mentally as I was physically. The last two miles were as hard for me as the last four miles of any marathon I have ever run. I realize that this all makes it sound as if the race was terrible, but it was REALLY FUN! Be prepared to be far from your personal best time, however. My former half-marathon times range from 1:54 to 2:05, and I was pleased as punch to finish in 2:28, especially since I prepared for this race on the two-day-a-week program. That said, for those who think they might do this race next year, I offer only one bit of advice: TRAIN!





Concerning the race report from Saturday, I'll add one comment...Next year when y'all come up, you'll have a place to stay! : )




Jessica Keeley at the Finish Line 


Kathy Wiegand at the Finish Line


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