11/11/05, Iron Eagle CRI Challenge-Off Road Biking, Foot Travel, Canoeing, & Mystery Challenge, Statesboro, GA

Over 33 teams of two participated in this exciting event that all took place on Georgia Southern's beautiful campus. Due to the overwhelming popularity, they exceeded their 30 team limit, and regretfully still had to turn folks, who wanted to enter, away due to limited resources. For those who registered early, they were "rewarded" with lots of cool 'mystery challenges' that tested the teams' mental and physical dexterity and agility, while also entertaining everyone! The course was kept secret up 'til race day...to add to the challenge and fun!! And the challenges ranged from solving puzzles, balancing on logs, scaling walls, partners leading their blind-folded team-mates through a maze of imaginary land mines, throwing footballs into precise square nets, catching Frisbees within designated areas, and so on. To keep it all interesting the 'challenges' were interspersed between off-road biking, running, and canoeing. Sounds like everyone had a blast and is encouraging Nathan Kile, the event director, to give up his day job and organize events like these all the time!!

Check out Statesboro Pacer, Doug James' race report for more event details. Besides Doug, some of the other Pacers who participated included Danny Gleason, Don Bracci, Angie Frederick, Shaun Meincke, Rob Ruzicka, and Ellen Emerson.

This event was hosted by GSU's CRI in conjunction with the GSU Wellness Council with Statesboro Pacer, Nathan Kile (aka HASH Master) directing and officiating the overall event. RACE APP. Contact: Nathan Kile , nkile1@georgiasouthern.edu, or 912-681-5436.

Check out the 'Kodak Moments' below. The top five teams and their results follow. Photos furnished by Campus Recreation & Intramural's Marketing Dept.

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Top Place Iron Eagle Challenge Finishers

1st Place Team: Frisbee; 59:31
Andrew Turner & Daniel Jones

2nd Place Team - X-Factor; 1:06:01
Louis Turnbulll & Angie Frederick

3rd Place Team - Rugby; 1:06:24
Mark Maholchic & Tim Ewing

4th Place Team - The Worst Team 1:07:33
Matthew Scott & Patrick McCauley

5th Place Team - Simba's Keepers; 1:09:35
Shaun Meinecke & Rob Ruzicka

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