Tybee Island Marathon, HM, & 5K
February 5, 2005


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Tybee News

Our hat's off to the Savannah Strider's for hosting a great race! The skies were clear and the temperatures perfect (in the 40's) for the record crowd who came out to run: 1,094 - 5K finishers, 1,044 half-marathon finishers, and 311 marathon finishers. Many of these finishers were our Statesboro Pacers, Millen Milers & More, and obviously, Savannah Striders! Congratulations to everyone!! While we were unable to get pics of everyone, click here for the few folks we were able to catch! Some of the Statesboro Pacers, MMM, and friends we saw or heard participate (email me your name if we missed you) included (gun times shown):

Marathon finishers:
Joyce Hodges-Hite, running her 100th marathon, 4:53:56

Half marathon finishers:
Michelle LaFleur, who wont the 1/2 marathon in a time of 1:19:11
Jason Bakewell, 1:37:35 
Danny Gleason, 1:37:49 
Angie Frederick, 1:37:50 
Randy Brannen, 1:41:44 
Nathan Kile, 1:42:44

Kurt Frederick, 1:48:38 
Toby Davis, 1:51:12 
Shahnam Navaee, 1:53:15 
Lindsay Ferrara, 1:57:42 
Wendy Deal, 1:59:10 
Micah Ward, 2:23:42
Larry Stalcup, 2:27:20

5K finishers:
Sarah Burgess, 24:24 
Anna Champion, 24:48
John Frazier, 25:02 
Jim Hite, 27:10
Neal Saye, 28:17   
Ray Miller, 29:03 
Stacy Lindemann-Mitchell, 29:58 
Anne Ney, 29:59 
Debbie Gleason, 30:02 
Chris Navaee, 31:10

For 2005 race results, visit www.runtybee.com.

For complete news coverage, visit www.savannahnow.com, 2/6/05, Sunday coverage of this event. (you need to sign up to access article, but it's free!).

For Tybee 2005 photos, click here (file size approx. 1 MB total)

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